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Sunday, June 24th, 2018


Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda

Historical background of Mothers Union

Historical background of Mothers Union

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Historical background of Mothers Union 

pres2Mothers Union is an organization of women within the Anglican Church with the main purpose of promoting family wellbeing. The Mothers Union was founded by  Mary Sumner from England in 1876.The activities of Mothers Union were introduced  in Rwanda in 1965 by Mrs Julia Braham who was the wife of Lawrence Braham, the Bishop of Rwanda-Urundi.

The first conference of Mothers Union leaders was held at Shyogwe in January 1966. At the same opportunity, they drew up rules to help their branches and elected a diocesan committee with Mrs Catherine Mukarushema   Sebununguri as the first president of the organisation.

As Anglican Church grew, the work of Mothers Union extended through its structures. Today, Mothers Union operates its activities in  11  Dioceses of Anglican Church  in Rwanda namely  Kigali, Gasabo, Shyogwe, Butare, Kigeme, Cyangugu, Shyira, Kivu, Byumba, Kibungo  and  Gahini.

The Mothers Union totalizes 24450 members in the whole country and has an outreach to the entire population of Rwanda. It works with women and families from grass root to national level. It makes a strong network of members in the whole country.

To facilitate the coordination, Mothers Union has worker in each Diocese  and coordinator at national level.


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