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Thursday, September 20th, 2018


Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda

Boy’s and Girl’s Brigade of Rwanda (BGBR)

Boy’s and Girl’s Brigade of Rwanda (BGBR)


Boy’s and Girl’s Brigade of Rwanda (BGBR)

The Boys’ Brigade (BB) is the world’s first uniformed youth organization. The idea for this interdenominational Christian organization was conceived by Sir William Alexander Smith, to combine drill and fun activities with Christian values.

Robert Baden-Powell who as Vice President of the Boys’ Brigade used it alongside initiatives in schools, particularly Eton, to promote the idea of scouting and outdoor pursuits based on those of the military for boys. At the time, he did not originally intend that any individual organization would later arise from this aim in the form of the various Boy Scouts movements.
The first Boys’ Brigade Company of Rwanda was set up by the Church Missionary Society in Gahini Diocese in 1965.

In the following years other companies were established within Shyira Diacese until 1975 when they collapsed because of poor maintenance and supervision of the then Church leaders.
However, Archbishop Emmanuel M .Kolini with the help of Other Boys and girls Brigade Teams from Kenya and Uganda reopened these companies at Saint Ethienne Cathedral and Remera Parish in 1998.

Now there are over 60 companies with 500 officers and 3500 Boy’s and Girl’s operating within the different Dioceses which were trained by Kigali Diocese,
Each Section is affiliated to a local Church, a company to Parish, and a battalion  to a Diocese, Two or three Dioceses form a Province and all provinces come together to form The National Boys and Girls brigade. These National Brigades come together to form a Regional Fellowship. Therefore, Rwanda subscribes to the East African Regional Fellowship.

Regional Fellowships form the Global Fellowship which oversees all these other fellowships.

NOTE: Boys and Girls brigade is not a monopoly for one denomination, it is open to all denominations however, on condition that, the newly enrolled denominations subscribe under the founder denomination.


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  1. Boys and Girls Brigade yari ikwiye gukwira muri za Dioceses zose kandi kugira ngo bishoboke mu buryo bworoshye iki gitekerezo cyashyigikirwa na Province. By Rev Joseph Sehorana/Shyogwe Diocese

  2. i am very happy becouse this web site. you may post all information all over rwanda and outside. thx

  3. Nibyiza n’ukuri. Ni ibya Province yose y’U Rwanda. Mubisagize bose mw’izina rya Yesu.

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